About 4 years ago I started performing poetry part time. I was, and still am, a full-time assistant archivist at Kent Police Museum. Inexplicably, I was asked to perform my poetry, and other forms of entertainment, at comedy clubs. Then I was asked to support Paul Foot on Tour. Then nothing happened. Then Paul Foot asked me to support him on tour again. After this tour, I was asked to perform at many more comedy venues.

Following this, I was encouraged to take the ultimate step: to develop my own, relatively cheap website with a basic amount of SEO. And take it I did.

I like the good things in life: snooker, politeness, savings and vegetables that have been boiled for much longer than is currently fashionable.

I’ve performed at most major comedy clubs in the UK, and some people have said nice things about me:

‘A well-meaning goon… unintentionally funny and went down well with the punters’ – Leftlion (I resent being described as a goon, but I am definitely ‘well-meaning’. I always mean well.)

‘Malcolm Head is a wonderful performer, but he is a horrible person’ – Paul Foot (Quotes from people you’ve supported are of course enormously biased)

‘Delivered plenty of laughs with his low-key delivery and mundane inspirations’ – Chortle (Chortle were also critical of some of my act, but I have chosen to only show you the good part) 

‘Original and brilliant’ – Nick Revell (Thanks Nick)

If I had one piece of advice it would be to start building a pension. That, and to follow your dreams